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"The Core software package works perfectly for our needs. As a comprehensive, wholly integrated music management solution, it has modernized and helped move MPL Music Publishing forward. Its intuitive design enables us to produce catalogue analysis on many different fields through a range of report options and filters. We couldn’t do it without Core!"

- Director of Tax
MPL Publishing Inc. & Cherio Corp.

"Prior to the installation of Core, we ran solution that we had outgrown in every way. It struggled with our transactional volume, was very inflexible and difficult to provide the reporting that we needed to effectively run our business. To counter the shortcomings of the system we did extensive work in Access and Excel, leaving a great deal of resources scattered across desktop machines throughout the company. With Core we have a highly scalable solution that handles all of our publishing needs. We are able to incorporate all of the desktop functions into the application so that we have an enterprise solution managing all of the important aspects of our business."

- Controller
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization

A big part of the success of our company and its affiliates has been our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to the individualized, and ever changing needs of our clients. Without the expertise and commitment of ZGC, this would have been, and continue to be, an almost impossible task. It is rare in this day and age that a business can rely so heavily on its consultants and have them 'be there' 24/7."

- Chief Technology Officer
Telesco & Associates