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Rapid advancements in technology have impacted the managing and processing of royalty income. Zoe Graye Consulting has addressed the resulting complexity with our easy-to-use, wholly integrated solutions – Core and CoreAX.

In 1999, our collaboration with a leading independent music publisher in New York led to the development of Core, a Royalty Accounting and Publishing Management System designed specifically for music publishers. Today, Core and its offshoots, CoreAX and CoreOnLine, enable us to continually raise the bar in the rapidly-evolving music publishing industry.


Core OnLine

Core, a Windows®-based suite of applications, was initially designed to support the needs of music publishers. However, its functionality easily extends into other industries that generate and/or process royalty income, such as book publishing, apparel manufacturing and licensing. Core handles it all — from the maintenance and administration of copyrights and licenses to the complex processing and distribution of royalty income.

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Core OnLine

If you are one of the numerous independent music publishers who do not have the luxury of an IT department, or even that of a full-time network administrator, you are a perfect candidate for CoreOnLine.

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Core AX

CoreAX seamlessly interfaces with AR, AP and GL modules within Dynamics AX, to process and pay out royalties. No matter how you categorize your revenue, or how complex your payout configurations are, CoreAX can handle it.

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Zoe Graye Consulting develops and designs custom applications for other industries including warehousing, manufacturing and transportation.

We look forward to hearing from you to demonstrate our applications, or simply to discuss how our services can help you grow your business.