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Core Product Features

Finally…a Royalty Management System that embraces the latest technology and allows you to manage your intellectual property with confidence and efficiency.

Core, a web-based application, was developed using Microsoft.NET technology. Core provides a comprehensive business solution for today’s music publishers and administrators.

Routinely updated to stay current with the industry standards and requirements, Core supports both the processing and reporting of the micro-penny compensation resulting from the recent CRB ruling pertaining to digital downloads and streaming.

Core provides the tools and functionality to document, maintain and efficiently administer intellectual property with three fully integrated modules: copyright, licensing and royalty processing.

Core’s integrated and intuitive design supports a wide range of vital functions – from simple tasks like the administration and tracking of copyright registrations and the issuing and management of licenses, to complex tasks such as royalty calculation and distribution, and ultimately financial analysis and reporting.

All these tasks are fully integrated and executed through advanced queries and reports. Plus, the sharing of information with employees or sub-publishers is effortless since all reports are executed through SQL Reporting Services, and can easily be output into PDF, Excel, CSV or html formats.

Core facilitates cost savings. For example, the statement import function allows users to electronically process voluminous royalty income in a matter of minutes. Not only does this reduce data entry errors, it also frees staff members to focus on tasks that can grow and enhance business.

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We welcome PEN Music Group, Michael, Richard, Karen and Larry, as our newest members of the Core family.

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Core - Royalty Accounting for Music Publishers