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CORE Value-Added Features & Functions

  • Windows® Server 2008 Operating System
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Data Platform
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services for extensive reporting and data analysis

A Windows®-based suite of applications, Core makes the documentation, maintenance and administration of copyrights, licenses and publisher royalty distribution an easy task. Designed to accommodate your company’s growth and interface with third-party accounting systems, Core offers:

  • Access through a web browser
  • Intranet & Internet implementations
  • Clear, logical navigation structure
  • Multi-company, multi-division and inter-company support
  • Inter-related Modules (Copyright, Licensing & Royalty Processing) that share common data to minimize duplication of efforts
  • Built-in document view and retrieval of scanned documents to provide quick access to contracts, correspondence, income statements and royaltor statements
  • Convenient copy functions to enable faster data entry
  • Automatic inter-company transfers
  • Advanced income tracking
  • Easy publishing of data to websites
Core Copyright Module
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Copyright Module

Core's Copyright Module allows users to document and manage the intellectual property of songwriters and the owning or administering publishers. Among the Copyright Module’s features:

  • No restrictions limiting the number of song titles to be supported
  • Multiple user-defined categories for classification and easy lookup
  • Unlimited number of writers and publishers per song
  • The ability to capture and maintain publisher’s share and controlling interest by territory
  • Copyright registration and claimant management
  • Sub-publisher agreements and links on title level to display controlled territories and percent
  • The maintenance of writers’ contracts
  • The ability to export catalog files for sub-publishers
  • Links to MP3 files for song review
Core License Module
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Quote & Licensing Module

The Quote & Licensing Module allows the user to document licensing requests, provide quotes, and generate mechanical and sync licenses and contracts. Extensive search criteria and reporting options facilitate pitching and analysis. The Quote & Licensing Module allows users to:

  • Easily pitch songs by utilizing the extensive search options that are available for categorizing and classifying intellectual property
  • Utilize license entry forms specifically designed to capture information and display data specific to the type of license such as mechanical, sync and merchandise
  • Easily convert quotes into licenses and minimize repetitive, double entries
  • Generate contracts by merging license information into user-defined Microsoft Word® templates
  • Record and manage sync license options
  • Review and manage activation or expiring status of license options
  • Track account executive productivity by logging quotes and licenses issued
  • Quickly import mechanical licenses issued by HFA and CMRRA
  • Interface with income statement process by linking the license to the income statement, thus providing immediate recognition of income received and facilitating payment tracking
  • Track license and licensee activity through comprehensive reports that value licenses and identify monies due
Core License Module
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Royalty Processing Module

The Royalty Processing Module allows the publisher to process royalty income, calculate royaltor earnings and distribute royaltor statements and payments. Core’s Royalty Processing Module is fully interfaced with the Copyright and Licensing Modules and provides:

  • Automatic reconciliation of cash receipts and income statements
  • User-defined royalty distribution cycles
  • An upload mechanism for importing income statements and bank deposits
  • Foreign currency conversion
  • The ability to calculate and capture foreign income tax, commissions and miscellaneous charges at line item detail level
  • The option to process income at source or net
  • The capability of processing micro-penny income statements and royaltor payout calculations
  • The ability to post income statements to current and future accounting periods simultaneously
  • Easy correction and reprocessing of income statements by reopening statements within an open period or reversing statements after a period has been closed
  • The ability to create rates based on territory and income groups or for specific territories and income types
  • Real-time assessment of royalty payable with 100% payout verification
  • A utility to create pro-rata income statements based on previous earnings
  • The categorization of royaltor groups to organize and facilitate the processing of royaltor statements
  • Summary and detail statement formats for printing royaltor statements
  • The ability to issue checks from within Core or, if interfaced with an accounting system such as Dynamics AX or Great Plains, generate a voucher request and report back the payment transaction
  • 1099 and 1042 reporting
  • Management reports for income analysis, pipeline projections and income trends

We welcome PEN Music Group, Michael, Richard, Karen and Larry, as our newest members of the Core family.

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Core - Royalty Accounting for Music Publishers