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CoreAX Product Features

CoreAX is the latest product in a line of successful applications which serve the Music and Theater industries.

An off-shoot of Core, our royalty management system, CoreAX embraces the newest technology and allows you to manage your intellectual property with confidence and efficiency.

CoreAX, a web-based application, was developed using Microsoft.NET technology, and seamlessly interfaces with AR, AP, and GL modules within Dynamics AX to process and pay out royalties. Its integrated and intuitive design supports the complex task of royalty calculation and distribution and, ultimately, financial analysis and reporting. Any way you categorize your revenue, no matter how complex your payout configurations, CoreAX can handle it.

As sales order invoices are posted, corresponding royalty invoices are generated and processed for eligibility and royalty distribution.

Besides multi-level rating configurations, cross-collateralization options and flexible payout cycles, you will benefit from real-time assessment of your royalty income and royalty expense.

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Core AX - The Core Solution for Dynamics AX