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CoreAX Value-Added Features & Functions

  • User-definable royalty attributes classify revenue transactions and systematically find the best-fit payout configurations
  • Unlimited levels for payout configurations and participants supports distributions to heirs and royalty payout based on gross or net
  • Copy function facilitates the creation of payout configurations with similar participants and rates
  • Rates can be easily inactivated and preserved for future reference
  • Exception reporting identifies missing rates
  • Adjustments and advances are simply managed and may be defined on payout configuration or cross-collateralization level
  • Advanced cross-collateralization groups allow the user to consolidate payout configurations by contract, and in turn, cross-collateralize earnings, advances and adjustments
  • Payout configuration testing option validates and ensures accurate rate setup
  • Rates can be created based on territory and income groups or for specific territories and income types
  • Royalties can be processed on closed transaction date or date of AR invoice
  • Royalty cycle periods are flexible
  • Processing can be done on an individual royaltor basis or in batch
  • Royalty payout frequency codes and non-royalty items can be defined by user
  • Royalties can be processed by user-defined royalty divisions
  • Royalties can be calculated and processed either on invoice date or invoice settlement date
  • Real-time posting to general ledger of royalty expense and royalty payable ensures 100% payout verification
  • House account earnings can be captured and reported at the same level of detail as royaltors' earnings
  • Payout inquiry allows the user to drill down to invoice detail line

Thanks to all who made our time at The Music Industry Toolbox a great success!

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